Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you accept insurance? Other payment options?

  1. Most Insurance Providers Approve Massage: If your Insurance pays for massage (example 6 per year) we can give you the invoices and soap notes and you can apply for reimbursement. We have several clients who do this successfully. All you have to do is call your provider and see how many they allow per year. Check out this article to learn more!
  2. Health Savings Accounts: We accept all of your health savings account cards including but not limited to; HSA, Flex Pay, HRA etc. Around half of these programs will allow you to immediately begin paying for services. If you are not able to use the card immediately, we will send you an invoice from your first appointment. You will need to submit that to your provider for reimbursement. They will then list us as an approved vendor. Once we are on your vendor list you can use it like any other debit or credit card for all future services.
  3. Workman’s Comp: If you are dealing with workman’s comp and you would like them to add massage to your treatment plan. You can request soft tissue therapy and we can get set up with them for 6-12 treatments per year in most cases.
  4. We Are Easily Approved!: Since we are not a spa massage service we generally have no issue getting approved for the alternative payment methods mentioned above. We are categorized as soft tissue therapy and medical massage therapy.
  5. Call, Text or Email us if you have anymore questions:


What service should I book?

  1. If you are looking for pain relief you’ll want to book our targeted session. (Plantar Fasciitis, Golfer’s Elbow, Headaches, Knee pain, Spinal Pain, etc.)
  2. If you want a deep tissue/ sports massage with extra attention in certain muscles you can book our custom sports massage.
  3. If you want the best deep tissue routine you’ve ever had and you’re not looking for anything specific book one of our sports massage routines. (Full body, Upper Body or Lower Body)
  4. Call, Text or Email us if you have anymore questions:


How many sessions will I need to get out of pain?

Short Answer:

Onset of Pain and/or Mobility Issues

6 -12 Months usually resolves in 1-3 Treatments

1-3 Years usually resolves in 3-6 Treatments

3+ Years usually resolves in 6-12 Treatments

Long Answer:

Things like level of activity, amount of self Myofascial release and stretching, hydration and even nutrition can play a role in the time it takes your muscle tissue to recover. Click here and read our blog for a more in depth answer to this question.

Do I have to participate in sports, or be athletic in any way, to get a Sports Massage?

Absolutely not! Anyone from any background may receive a Sports Massage. No matter your age, your daily habits/routines, or level of athleticism, Targeted Therapy is for anyone and everyone. This includes the youth population, as many young folks also deal with aches and pains from time to time.

I have an ache, pain or injury that is bothering me. How can Sports Massage help?

If your soft tissue is unhealthy, due to overuse, bad posture, lack of use or an injury that is more than seven days old we can help! We will, find the trigger point, adhesion or tight muscle that is causing your pain and treat it with a combination of techniques that suit the specific issue you present us with. These techniques include trigger point therapy, neurosomatic therapy, deep, tissue, isolated, sports stretching, active release techniques, scraping/graston, cupping, massage gun, etc.

I train regularly, but I am not injured. I am interested in adding Sports Massage to my routine. What would you recommend for me?

For your first few massages, you will want to alternate between our Upper Body and Lower Body Sports Massage routines. These routines spend more time in the larger muscle groups than the full body routine. Depending on your level of activity and how much you stretch and foam roll we recommend 6 to 12 sessions a year.

What if I only want one massage?

You can absolutely book only one massage. We do not believe in pressuring you to book multiple massages if that is not your desire. Even if you are not in pain and you are not looking to get on a routine with us, we would love to be part of your self-care in anyway you value these services.

What happens once I am better? Do I need maintenance?

You can choose to do the suggested stretches and foam rolling activities and techniques we show you or you can book maintenance deep tissue routines. We offer upper, lower and full body Sports Massage routines.

What is a maintenance massage?

During your maintenance massages, we alternate between our sports massage services to keep an eye on your muscles and treat excess build up as it occurs. This prevents injuries such as tendinitis, pulls, strains and tears.

Do I undress for your massage services?

No. We are not a spa massage service. You can think of us more like a physical therapy office, except you’ll be in a private room. We are a medical massage service and we do not need you to undress and lay under a sheet for our services. We require athletic apparel that can be worked around or through. However, if you are comfortable, wearing shorts, having your shorts rolled up, taking your shirt off or having your shirt rolled up, we can still provide skin to skin contact in most areas. We do have clients who wear yoga pants or sweatpants for our lower body sessions or choose to not take their shirts off and these sessions are just as beneficial as a skin to skin session.

How much are your services? Do you require tips?

All of our services are $120 an hour. We do not require tipping. Should you choose to tip that is allowed, but it is absolutely not a requirement for the service. If you would like to show your gratitude in other ways that is also appreciated. Reviews and word of mouth help us grow the most. 💪😊

Do I have to book online?

No, you do not have to book online. You can always call or text us about appointments. Some clients even email us for booking. It is preferable if our clients book online because we are a small business and we are not always able to answer the phone. If you leave a voicemail or text we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. We offer same day appointments online and you can see our availability up to an hour before the appointment time.

Why does your booking software ask for my credit card information?

Our booking software asks for your information to hold the appointment and uphold our no-show cancellation policy. Your credit card will not be charged until completion of your appointment and the therapist that treated you will always ask if it is OK to process the card on file.

Do you have a secure site for holding my credit card information?

Yes, your credit card information is kept through stripe software. We have never had an issue with stripe’s security.

How soon can I participate in exercise after my session?

We typically ask for a 24 hour rest period if you have had a Targeted Sports Massage or a Neurosomatic Massage. This allows the treated tissue to heal and return to full functionality before putting demand on the tissue.

If you booked one of our deep tissue routines, you can return to normal activity immediately, although your muscle tissue may feel fatigued for the next few hours.

How long will I be sore after a Sports Massage?

In most cases, people experience soreness for 1-3 days. This is a generalization for all people and all of our services. If you don’t like to be sore you can tell your therapist you would like lighter pressure.