Anterior Ankle Pain: Retinaculum Binding

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We have several retinaculums in the body. Today we’re going to talk about the one in the ankle. I’ve had a ton of soft tissue ankle pain clients over the years. The retinaculum of the anterior ankle is is a band of thick fascia that wraps around your ankle and holds the tendons in the appropriate places and increases leverage for movement. We call this tissue the flexor retinaculum and you can thank it for how smoothly you walk.

If this tissue is causing you pain it is likely the tendons that articulate in this area have become impinged and the fascia of the retinaculum are starting to bind. This type of pain usually begins as a dull pain on the medial, anterior or lateral ankle. If left untreated it can become sharp, aching pain. In severe cases, you may even experience inflammation. This can be diagnosed as as ankle impingement or tarsal tunnel syndrome.

If you are seeking pain relief and you have these symptoms you can try a variety of soft tissue therapy techniques, sports massage therapy and stretching techniques to lengthen the muscle tissue and relax the tendons associated with your pain.

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