A New Way to Treat Carpal Tunnel

If you read our last post about the anterior ankle retinaculum you’re about to get a repeat of what a retinaculum actually is. Retinaculums are thick fascial wraps or bands of tissue that guide our tendons into the appropriate areas for optimal function and provide stability to the joint. Without our retinaculums we wouldn’t be able to wiggle our fingers or type on the computer like I’m doing now. They not only guide the tendons, but they redistribute force similar to a cable and pulley system. If these structures were allowed to move around freely our bodies couldn’t function.

In the wrist we have two retinaculums, the flexor retinaculum is also known as the transverse carpal ligament and the extensor retinaculum known as the dorsal carpal ligament. These retinaculums often cause pain in the wrist. When a tendon become inflamed where they receive compression from the retinaculum it is considered tenosynovitis.

If you’d like to treat carpal tunnel conservatively you can try sports massage and stretching techniques to release tension in the muscles that control the wrist and hand. This in turn reduces pressure on the tendons and ligaments of the wrist and improves circulation to the affected area.

It is important to find a massage therapist that is qualified and experienced in treating injuries and chronic pain conditions. Improper application of techniques can exacerbate the symptoms.